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Dadi & Piombo Release Napoleonic supplement for Smooth & Rifled

Dadi & Piombo are pleased to announce the release of the Napoleonic supplement for Smooth&Rifled skirmish rules:

From their post:

This supplement of 20 pages includes some special rules as well as Unit datas for France, Austria, Prussia, Russia and Great Britain.
A second supplement will follow with more lists, including Spain and Portugal.

This supplement can be downloaded for free from the official blog of Smooth&Rifled ( ) where you can find other similar supplements for the American Civil War, the Zulu War (with lists for the 1st Boer war too), the New Zealand War, the Garibaldi's Campaign of the Thousand and the French and Indian war.

Smooth & Rifled is a skirmish set, published by Dadi&Piombo, covering the period from late XVII Cent to early XX Cent.
It is available as a PDF with a subscription at 9 euros (the cost includes all future PDF versions of the rules)

More info on Smooth&Rifled at