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D22 added to Impact! D14 / D18 dice KickStarter

Impact! sure does know how to run a successful Kickstarter (and here's how they do it). Well, they're D14/D18 dice campaign has made it to their second stretch goal. So now they're making a D22. That means you'll be able to have every even-numbered die from 4 to 24.

From the update:

Impact! has reached the Stretch Goal needed for them to also create a D22 as part of their KickStarter to create spherical D14s and D18s in 8 colors. Multiple package options available with the dice starting around $2 each.

KickStarter ends on Monday August 27th and currently everyone pledging $16 or more gets one free die (and the project is quickly reaching the Stretch Goal to give everyone pledging $17 or more a 2nd free die)