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D13 RPG Up On Kickstarter

Some people like the items they get a bit more special, a bit more flashy. They don't just want any old edition of a game, they want the limited edition one. They don't want your average release, but the premium one. And if they can get something specially made for them, they'll go for it. If you're that type of person and you like horror RPGs, then the Personalized Premium Limited Edition version of the D13 RPG Kickstarter is just up your alley. The project is running now.

From the campaign:

Conceptually it's a game for running truly horrific adventures in campaigns across time and space. Characters face the real threat of death or madness in individual adventures—unaware that they are also threads of existence for supernatural beings battling a greater darkness.

Mechanically it's an easy attribute-and-skill based system—4 attributes, any sort of skill. Actions use 1d4+1d10 (read 0-9) for a number range of 1-13, with beneficial doubles at the low end. For adventures involving psychic abilities, a tarot deck (or a poker deck) depicts the uncertainty and danger of those powers. For combat actions and turn sequence, a Ouija* board can be used.

The campaign is a bit more than 1/4 funded with still 21 days left to go.