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D-Day Commemoration Sale on Brink of Battle PDF

Brink of Battle is having themselves a sale in commemoration of D-Day and the Allied landings at Normandy with a sale on their pdf books over on Wargame Vault.

From the update:

In commemoration of D-Day June 6th 1944, Brink of Battle is on SALE for $6.00 off current price! Yes, now you can buy the PDF from Wargames Vault for only $16.49!!!

This discounted price will last from June 1st, 2012 through June 6th, 2012. You can get your copy here on Wargame Vault.

Brink of Battle: Skirmish Gaming through the Ages gives you all the rules you need to recreate man-to-man level skirmish games from ANY period in History! Use your existing models and play from 3000 BC to Modern day.

This offer ends on D-Day, so DON'T DELAY!!!