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Cyntopia previews first prototype mini

Cyntopia has posted their first prototype mini, here shown complete from concept art, to 3D render, to finished prototype.

Art to Mini


From the post:

Are you es excited as I am, Edgewalker? We’ve teased you long enough by just showing conceptarts and now it is time to present a real part of the game.

Here is the guard.

Your everyday soldier having to guard every corner for the corporations, while being the lowest pay-level.
We were eager to create good 3D models based on the concepts and our production partner was able to create this prototype.

Since this is just the prototype we want to clarify that we’ve already improved the 3D model to make the final miniature even better - but this is the current state of our progress. The height for this prototype is 4,5cm (without base), most of your future Cyntopia-miniatures will have a similar size.

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