Cygnar Storm Strider 3D preview

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
Jan 28th, 2011

The latest Privateer Insider has images of the 3D sculpt of the Cygnar Storm Strider as well as an interview with digital sculptor Ben Misenar.

  • Ghool

    Looks awesome. Despite the price tag, I’m going to get this anyway.

  • Chameleon

    It does look nice, but I can’t find any indication of size in the modeling renders. Anyone care to divulge how large this thing will be when released?

  • Nosaj Verush

    Fantastic! And Chameleon, it’s big. A man stands on the scaffolding surrounding the ball and is not as tall as the ball.

  • Nosaj Verush

    Well, maybe as tall as the ball.

  • AoM

    120mm base. imagine from there.

    • Which is almost exactly the same as a CD.

      • mathieu

        I’m guessing the person who estimated the “almost exactly” measured in inches and converted to metric. 120mm is actually exactly the same as a CD.

  • mathieu

    I’m impressed at how much larger this guy and the Ret engine are compared to the Khador carriage. Nice looking render.

  • syr8766

    It’s pretty cool. I’ll be happy to look at other people’s, however.