Customeeple previews new Infinity terrain

Customeeple has posted up preview photos of Little Tokyo, their new terrain pieces designed for Infinity.

Little Tokyo Terrain


From the post:

Litle Tokyo is here, adventure doesn’t come any bigger!

We are happy to announce our new line of buildings “Neon City”,they are modular buildings, easy to assemble, that could be constructed in different configurations, with combinable pieces between each other and stack together to form bigger buildings

All the buildings come to lots of extras, banners, furniture, air conditioners, etc…

This first batch of buildings are dedicated to our favorite Yu Jing rebel child, the

Japanesepeople and his streets full of small shops and clubs, combining tradition and


Dare yourself to add some of litle tokyo to your playfield.

if you get chance get close to our table interplanetary tournament to keep an eye on the thousands of mounting options and disposal.