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Curteys Miniatures has new Turcopole models

Curteys Miniatures has some new historic Turcopole models for your consideration. Go check 'em out!

From the release:

Latest release to the Curteys Miniatures 28mm C13th medieval range is a command pack to go with our Turcopole cavalry.

Available at Salute, April 21st, stand TH13. Please pre-order your requirements at least two weeks in advance to guarantee we'll have it for you to collect on the day.

The Turcopoles were first encountered by the Crusaders during the First Crusade while fighting for the Byzantines. These auxiliary cavalry were recruited from mixed Greek and Turkish origin, but later (when employed by the Crusaders) were probably recruited from converted Seljuk Turks or Christian Syrians.
Painted here to depict troops fighting with the Teutonic Order in the Northern Crusades.

Priced at £9.00 GBP for three figures, including horses, shields and weapons (where appropriate). The officer comes with a separate right hand with several weapons options, including sword, spear, bow and axe.