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Curious Constructs final days on Kickstarter, previews new 3D renders

Curious Constructs has only 3 days left on their Kickstarter project, but they're still going strong and showing off more 3D renders.

From the update:

Another day, another update! Yet again I've been amazed by just how quickly a stretch goal was reached, it took something like 18 hours from the time I announced the new stretch goal to it being surpassed! So yes, the MLR / Nebelwerfer is now unlocked and available to be added to any pledge for £5.00 per weapon.

Faolan is off for a weekend away now, but before he set off he sent me one last batch of renders with the weapon mounted on Kits Carriage. These are as ever work in progress. We'd love to hear what you think overal, but what we'd really like to know specifically is if you'd like to see mechanical 'gubbins' on the outside of the guns support, or just riveted metal plates, with the gubbins confined to the inside? Here are the pics!