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Curious Constructs 28mm Steampunk Artillery Kickstarter Updates

Curious Constructs has updated their 28mm Steampunk Artillery Kickstarter campaign, having gone past 6x what they were originally hoping for in funding.

From the update:

We've been blown away by the response to our 28mm Steampunk inspired Anti-Tank Lasercannon Kickstarter. We've achieved nearly 600% funding now, a huge amount exceeding all expectations, especially considering the campaign isn't even half way through!

With all our initial stretch goals unexpectedly smashed within the first 3 days of the campaign, we made the decision to not add any further goals until we've caught up, as we'd rather deliver everything on time then promise the world and leave you waiting!

To that end, we can now show you renders of the completed Rocket Launcher, designed by Faolan, mounted on the carriage designed by Kit Burrows of Zinge Industries. In additionwe have the Mule Logistical Support Vehicle, a hardy little tractor unit ideal for transporting loads such as ammunition, or with the option tow hook pulling your artillery pieces.

There is more on the way soon, with the Autocannon being worked on by Kit, and the crew currently being sculpted by myself. The Gatling Cannon and Tesla Cannon will also follow shortly!