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Cult of Exomorphism army book now available for Brushfire from On the Lamb Games

On the Lamb Games didn't get this posted up early enough to make their "regular" 2pm spot. So it's going here instead. They've got their Cult of Exomorphism book for Brushfire now available in print.


From the release:

The time to rise has finally come! The greatest power the world of Brushfire has ever known now crawls and chitters across the globe. The insectoid menace, known to the civilized world as “Exomorphs”, marches forth from the deep places of the world to reclaim what is once theirs.

This book contains a new faction for Brushfire V2. Included within these pages are:

• 2 Hero Types and 4 Unique Heroes
• 3 Exemplars
• 8 Troops
• History of the ancient empire of Bharat, the land from which the Exomorphs return.
• First hand accounts recovered by WATCHDOG of each Exomorph incident.

Birth new soldiers in a neverending wave of terror; See the fear in the mammal’s eyes as your spawn burst from their dying bodies; Chitter in madness as cultists worship your insectoid heroes. Take back the surface!