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Cuisine a la Card game up on Kickstarter

InMotion has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Cuisine a la Card. This new deck-building game lets you play the part of a chef in a cooking competition. You must gather your ingredients and create meals that will be presented to discerning judges. The better your dish, the higher you'll rank. Basically, it's Iron Chef, but on the tabletop.
The campaign is right around half-funded, but there's still plenty of time (26 days) left on the clock to get to the goal.

From the campaign:

Cuisine a la Card is a competitive deck building card game for 2-4 players. Play as chefs, crafting the finest meals out of the ingredients available to you, and submitting those meals to discerning and capricious judges for Medals. In this intense world of culinary competition, Tasting Spoons are your currency, your Warming Tray may be your greatest asset or your worst nightmare, and a simple dash of Salt may just be what you need to tip the balance in your favor and win the game.