Cthulhu Wars previews WIP Cthulhu

By Polar_Bear
In Horror
May 2nd, 2013

Cthulhu Wars has posted up a photo of their test resin for Cthulhu himself.
I mean, if you’re gonna have a game called Cthulhu Wars, it should have Cthulhu in it, after all.

From the preview:

Some raw test shots in resin, but couldn’t wait to share the Great Old One himself. Absolutely amazing work from concept to sculpture! Standing over 7 inches tall, this figure is the precious of our game, but he is not alone, there will be dozens of other equally impressive creatures.

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  • Gribbly monster. Nice! I have Cthulhu bobblehead on my painting desk. Laugh every time I see it. 🙂

  • This reminds me abit of the mon calamari… This looks like a very agile version of Cthulhu – it’s a cool take but I still prefer the potbellied overlord version that does not need to be agile to be scary. Still I like it when people create something different based on a well known character or theme.

  • jahatch28

    Maybe this is Cthulhu before he has feasted on the souls of mankind for aons? or before discovering beer and a pot belly… I agree that I like the slightly different interpretation and a I am a fan of the more streamlined version especially for a game where battles are to be won, not just an RPG where you run screaming from the creature.

  • …just to give my interpretation of the concept art that I worked from – seemed sensible enough that he’d be a bit more slimline than the usual idea of him, what with that long hibernation and all – he does actually have a bit of a distended belly in any case, just not visible from the angle of the photo 🙂 – and in the manner of (for example) a bear coming out of hibernation, all the fiercer as a predator for the considerable appetite he must have after such a long time without food…