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Cthulhu Wars posts up new concept art

Cthulhu Wars has been doing rather well over on Kickstarter. They've made it through a bunch more stretch goals and have posted up some new concept art for the game.

From the update:

Thanks for all the great support so far everyone! The first part of our Kickstarter has been a huge success! Now we need your help getting the word out about Cthulhu Wars so we reach even more fans!

We are very grateful for all the backers so far, but need help spreading the word and will reward our loyal fans with tons of goodies. That is why almost all of the stretch goals from here on out are all FREE display figures, along with some "special" upgrade add-ons.

To reward you for helping us spread the word, you will get a Kickstarter exclusive, a free special set of display figures for all Cultist pledges and above. As we get more backers, we will give away more and more of these FREE figures. So tell your friends, share this news on Facebook, gaming forums, etc!

Thanks for all the support and help spreading Cthulhu's influence around the world!