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CSW: Rogues Gallery Sourcebook Up On Kickstarter

Superheroes are a pretty hot commodity right now. Lots of games are coming out, or getting new material for them, with superheroes in mind. Such is the case with Cold Steel Wardens: Rogues Gallery. It's the first sourcebook to come out for the game and it's here to help out with some supervillains for your superheroes.

The book is split up into 5 chapters. The first gives you rules for designing supervillains for your game. It also gives you new options for your heroes. Chapters two and three talk about specific places in New Corinth. They are the Stonegate Federal Penitentiary and Lincroft Institution for the Mentally Disturbed. As you can tell, they're pretty likely places you'll find supervillains. Chapter four is all about the henchmen that seem to gather around supervillains like cats gather around a fish tinnery. The final chapter collects together the notes of Sawbones, a paramedic who has since become a metahuman vigilante (as one tends to do).

The campaign is up and running now with still 33 days left to go.