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CSRA Gamers Association 40K Apocalypse Campaign

The CSRA Gamers Association will be running a Warhammer 40K Apocalypse Campaign. From their announcement:
This will be a story driven campaign that will go on (bi-monthly) all year at the Augusta Book Exchange located at 592 Bobby Jones expressway. The game dates are as follows… February 26th 2011 (Noon-Until) April 30th 2011 (Noon-Until) June 25th 2011(Noon-Until) August 27th 2011(Noon-Until) October 29th 2011(Noon-Until) December 31st 2011 (New Years Cleave 2011) (Noon-Until) The entry fee for each game will be $7.00 USD and all proceeds will go to "Siege of Augusta". The winning side of each game will have an engraved plaque that shall be displayed in the store all year.
Game #1 on the 26th of February will be a 10,000 point game, Imperium vs. Xenos and Chaos. (5,000 Points per side. So pick a side and bring your forces. Missions and special rules that will be used in each game will be revealed in the pre-game meeting just before the start of the game.) The Story Thus Far... The world of Ashkin Secundus has fallen into great peril. It has been a world held by the Imperium of man for more than 5,000 years but a recent discovery during an excavation has brought to light that this world was populated a long time before men got here. What has been found is nothing less than a "Black Stone Fortress" buried deep within the planet. To make things worse….it seems to be reactivating itself. As if responding to a beacon the forces of Chaos are descending upon the planet to claim the fortress, while the Eldar want to stop anyone from getting it. The Orks could care less about it but look forward to joining the fight…because they're Orks. Dark Eldar, Tau, Necrons….Nobody seems to know why they're here….However it matters not. These evil forces will be held at bay by the blood of the Imperial Guard and the Space marines. For more information contact Mike Baker at or Rob Davis at