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Crystal clear sides for Sally 4th Warchests now available in several sizes

Sally 4th now has clear-sided panels available for their Warchests for when you want to show off your minis as you carry them around in style.


From the release:

This week, we have added three optional replacement sides to our Warchest figure storage/transportation system. These sides feature a clear Perspex panel, which means you do not need to label them as you can see what is inside.
Clear Sides are Available for...
70mm Warchest – £3.50 GBP
100mm Warchest – £4.00 GBP
120mm Warchest – £4.50 GBP
These sides will work with either plain, magnetic- or steel-lined Warchests, and with any of our range of inserts.
Sally 4th inserts are available for specific gaming bases, such as Flames of War, Star Trek Attack Wing, Star Wars X-Wing, Wings of Glory, and for any size and shape of regular wargames base.