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Crystal Brush Qualifier at CoolMiniOrNot Expo

CoolMiniOrNot Expo is coming up this weekend (as if I'd let you forget). We'll be running a lot of events, including the first qualifier to the Crystal Brush finals next year at Adepticon.

From the update:

Later this week the Cool Mini or Not family is hosting their first annual Cool Mini or Not Expo in Atlanta, Georgia! Don’t forget that it will be here at the Expo that we at Crystal Brush will be hosting our first Road to Crystal Brush Qualifier event for the 2014 Crystal Brush finals!

Take a second and hop on over to the website and register to attend… and take your first shot to be flown out to the Crystal Brush Finals in 2014!

Don’t miss your chance to attend the great show AND win some airfare with your amazing miniature artistry while you’re there!

Good luck!