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Crystal Brush posts up next two chances to qualify for finals

Crystal Brush lets you know where you can go to become one of the finalists for the Crystal Brush competition next year.

From the update:

We at Crystal Brush are always so happy to know the world of miniature artistry is talking about us, and we are always glad to know when another prestigious painting event is gearing up to show some great works of art! A lot of these events take place at bigger conventions, trade shows or gaming gatherings around the globe. When one of these events qualifies for a little extra attention and works with us and our sponsors, we call these events…

…The Road to the Crystal Brush!

Today we are happy to announce not one but TWO future events that have applied and qualify as Road to Crystal Brush events – The 2014 Feast of Blades, and the 2014 Las Vegan Open!