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Crystal Brush Interview with Juan Navarro

Crystal Brush interviews Juan Navarro, who won the Crystal Brush Qualifier Best in Show:Sculptor out at La Fabrica Roja in Spain.

From their site:

The Road to the Crystal Brush continues…

Our recent series of interviews have been focusing upon the Best in Show painters who are headed to the Crystal Brush…but we are just as interested in how the miniature sculptors winning convention accolades around the world feel about how they got to their victories, we at Cool Mini or Not have been tracking down the qualifying winners and asking them for information they’d like to share with you…our readers!

Today we are talking to Juan Navarro, the Crystal Brush Qualifier who won Best in Show:Sculptor out at La Fabrica Roja in Spain, asking for his thoughts and opinions about his part of the Crystal Brush experience so others might be able to join him on the winners’ stage someday!

Check out the full interview here!