Crystal Brush Award Winners

Crystal Brush just wrapped up and here’s the results:

Crystal Brush 2013 Winners:

Best New Talent:
Minion Knight by Kileigh Zielinski

Best Dark Age:
Bronze: Mean Jellybean by Mike Schaefer
Silver: Blizzard Warning by James Wappel
Gold: Rise of the Cabrakan by Curtis Shoemake

Best Rivet Wars:
Silver: Allies by James Wappel
Gold: Dr. Jones by Elizabeth Beckley

Best Sculpting:
Bronze: Kogaiji by Ray Wong
Silver: Abbi by Kev White
Gold: M’dusa by Sebastian Archer

Best Science Fiction Single:
Bronze: Lord Putro by Sam Lenz
Silver: Commisar by Aaron Lovejoy
Gold: On Your Feet by Tom Ales

Best Science Fiction Squad:
Bronze: Team Creamsicle by Gullermo Hernandez
Silver: Samaratan Bug Stompers by Drew Drescher
Gold: Tohaa Trident by Tom Schadle

Best Science Fiction Vehicle/Monster
Bronze: Asuke Kisaragi by Tom Schadle
Silver: Jet Bike by Marc Raley
Gold: Emperor’s Children Contemptor Dreadnaught by Damon Drescher

Best Fantasy/Steampunk Single
Bronze: Bill Psyches by Sebastian Archer
Silver: Random Encounter by Enrique Velasco
Gold: Kraken’s Mistress by Marike Reimer

Best Fantasy/Steampunk Squad
Bronze: The Ride of the Light Brigade by James Wappel
Silver: Strohm Cevalier by Mike Schaefer
Gold: Death Marshals by Sam Lenz

Best Fantasy Vechicle/Monster
Bronze: Skaven Vermin Lord by Rich Erickson
Silver: Pseusenne’s Pride by James Wappel
Gold: Son of Ogimos by Sam Lenz

Best Historical Single
Bronze: Dak Commander by Justin McCoy
Silver: Banzai! by Mars
Gold: British Courier on Motorcycle by Frank Kahsar

Best Historical Squad:
Bronze: Kings Germann Legin At Waterloo by Rober Chandler
Silver: Vikings by Dave Manganaro
Gold: We Shall Prevail by Wade Piche

Best Historical Vehicle:
Bonze: Sherman M4A3 by Rob Chandler
Silver: Selien Sie Die Wagon by Tom Ales
Gold: 1966 Olds 442 by Justin McCoy

Best Large Scale 54mm+:
Bronze: Fire Giantess by Michelle Blasteubrei
Silver: Jungle Drums by Matt DiPietro
Gold: Magneto by Meg Maples

Best Diorama:
Bronze: Enchantress by Jeramie Bonamant
Silver: Steampunk Arielle by Marike Reimer
Gold: Work Hard, Have Fun by Enrique Vezasco Sanchez

Best Overall:
Bronze: Enchantress by Jeramie Bonamant
Silver: Work Hard, Have Fun by Enrique Velasco Sanchez
Gold: Kraken’s Mistress by Marike Reimer

Congratulations to all the winners.
Photos from the event will be posted soon. Stay tuned.

This is Polar_Bear signing out from Adepticon 2014. Thanks everyone for a great show and I’ll see you at PAX East next weekend in Boston!