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Crysis Analogue Edition on Kickstarter

Frame6 recently launched a Kickstarter for Crysis Analogue Edition. This is their first board game, with previous releases including two video games. Based on the Crysis video game series from Crytek, Analogue Edition looks to bring the world and action of the digital game series to tabletops. Two to eight players form teams of CELL and USF soldiers equipped with the signature Nanosuits of the series and make their way around the hex based map in two modes — Team Instant Action (think team deathmatch) or Capture the Relay (find objective and secure). Analogue Edition has the full backing of Crytek to ensure it matches the video games thematically and visually.


The trajectory of Crysis Analogue Edition from video game to tabletop has been an interesting one. It was originally developed by four MD.H students — Sebastian Kreutz, Dominik Lau, Robin Schäfer and Marcel Krafczyk. While still in school they started working on the project as an exercise in game design. It was pitched to Crytek, approved, and further development by Frame6, which was founded by Sebastian and Dominik along with two other MD.H alumni. Originally, Queen Games was set to publish the game. In fact, a trailer was released for it way back in June of 2013. However, Queen Games’ version never came to fruition due to complications. That brings us to almost two years later, and Frame6 is hoping to publish it themselves with your help.

Story wise, Crysis Analogue Edition picks up after Crysis 3 and takes place in Times Square. Currently the game ships with one map/scenario (a second to be unlocked through Stretch Goals), eight Soldier Boards (controls and tracks your Nanosuit), eight miniatures (CELL and USF soldiers), and 36 terrain pieces (walls and cover positions), a supply crate and relay miniature, dice, 165 cards, tokens, and more. The game art and miniatures are all based on assists provided by Crytek, so if you’re a fan of the video games, you’ll probably like it. Check out their game play preview below.

The Kickstarter campaign for Crysis Analogue Edition ends on June 13 and has an expected shipping date of November 2015. Stay tuned for any more information, and head over to the KS project page to see all of the Stretch Goals.