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Cryptozoic Restructuring The Walking Dead Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign for Cryptozoic's new board game based on The Walking Dead TV show hit quite a rough patch last week. They went from funding and heading through stretch goals to actually dipping down below their funding goal level. But with only 5 days left in the campaign, there has been a bunch of restructuring, with new pledge levels and some new add-ons that seem to have righted the ship back up again.

The new Tier is just for the "Base Game," and is $75. Meanwhile, the $125 tier has both expansions now added to it. There's other items that have been added to both pledges as well, including walker zombies and the Motorcycle Daryl figure (for the $125 level). As for add-ons, there's the Motorcycle Daryl figure, for if you just want the $75 tier, but also that Daryl figure. They also have two box sets of zombies for painters. Finally, there's a new scenario that you can add on to your pledge.

As I mentioned, the campaign's back up over their funding goal by a healthy margin and still has 5 days in order to make it through some more stretch goals.