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Cryptozoic Releases Mad Science Foundation Card Game

The resources required for a mad scientist to create their various and sundry devices are generally limited. There's only so many lasers to go around, after all. That's why the Mad Scientist Foundation was created. It takes the limited resources and will dole them out to the scientists that need them. However, being mad scientists, themselves, that resource allocation isn't always the most equitable. That's the story behind Mad Scientist Foundation, a new card game now available from Cryptozoic.


In the game, players take on the role of mad scientists, looking to gather resources in order to create various horrible devices. Each round, one takes on the role also of the Crooked Director of the Mad Scientist Foundation. They will draw a number of resource cards and then place them into groups. Players then draft from those groups of cards, with the Crooked Director choosing last. So each round you're trying to get the resources you need while also grabbing up resources that your opponents might need.