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Cryptozoic Previews Attack On Titan Deck-Building Game

In a couple months, Cryptozoic will be coming out with the Attack On Titan Deck-Building Game. It puts players in the role of defenders of humanity against the rampaging Titans as they run through the city, snatching up anyone they can and devouring them. With the release date getting closer (that being November 9th, in case you didn't know), Cryptozoic has posted up a nice preview article about what you can expect.

The Attack on Titan game will use the Cerberus Engine, which is also used in games like the DC Deck-Building Game. So, if you're familiar with that one, you'll have a bit of a leg-up on everyone else. As such, the game will be cooperative for 1-5 players. However, there are some distinct differences between previous Cerberus Engine games and Attack on Titan. For example, each of the 5 cards out on the table to purchase represent different Districts. The Districts are divided by Walls, each of which have two Hit Points. The purchase-able cards are inside the walls, while the Titans are on the outside. When a Titan shows up, it is placed outside the wall of a certain District. Players will have to maneuver their character's standee (because your heroes are actually represented on the board in this version) if they want to purchase cards, as well as defend against the Titans. So there's a lot more strategy to when and where you purchase cards and how you move around, something that's absent from previous Cerberus Engine games.