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Cryptozoic Posts Release Schedule For This Year

It's good to have a plan. Here, early in the year, planning out what you might want to purchase later on can help you create a budget. That way, when a game you're looking to get comes out, you've saved up for it and you can buy it. Well, Cryptozoic is certainly here to help you with that. They've posted up their release schedule for the rest of the year.

Well, ok, so they admit it's not a complete list, but it'll help. So what have we got? Well, there's the 3rd Crisis Pack for the DC Deck-Building Game, if you'd like to get some more super-hero themed cards. Then there's a couple products based on their Cartoon Network licenses. There's a Fiona vs. Cake expansion coming for the Adventure Time Card Wars game. Then there's a new Rick and Morty card game called Total Rickall, which is based on the cartoon episode of the same name. It's a cooperative card game where you play through the events of the episode. Then there's the Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis Deck-building Game. Take on the persona of one of your favorite Cartoon Network characters as you battle against all the various foes that have broken free. Finally, there's the Internal Affairs Game. This is a Hidden Identity game where the two different groups are looking to find the moles that've made their way into their midst. First group to find all three personality cards of their opponent's wins.