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Cryptozoic Posts Gen Con Plans

Hey. Did you know that Gen Con is coming up? I bet you didn't. Probably just flown right under your radar this whole time.
Or maybe not. I know I've been neck-deep in it for weeks now. There's going to be a billion things going on. Much of it will be happening involving Cryptozoic. They've posted up their events as well as a look at all the games they'll be bringing.

There's just all sorts of things going, as you can see. They've got lots of Cartoon Network-based games, including Rick and Morty: Total Rick-all, Rick and Morty: Mr. Meeseeks’ Box o' Fun Dice and Dares Game, and Adventure Time Card Wars: Doubles Tournament (so, one not Rick and Morty related). They'll also be bringing along Internal Affairs and Mad Scientist Foundation. That's not all, though. Plenty of things to check out at booth 501.