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Cryptozoic Entertainment Headed to Gen Con

Gen Con is nothing if it's not a place where companies can interact with their customer base and show off some new, exciting projects they've been working on. Yes, there are hundreds and hundreds of events to go to (panels, tourneys, open-play events, and so forth) and thousands of gamers to talk to, but at the core is the Vendor's Hall. Cryptozoic will be there, and they've got some great stuff in store for the show.

Head to their booth to check out new games like Ghostbusters, Attack on Titan, Archer: The Danger Zone!, Spyfall, Epic Spell Wars II, The DC Comics Deck-Building Game, Adventure Time Card Wars, and MOD X. Of course, they will have their own events going on. They'll have numerous tournaments for many of their games. Seat yourself at a table and prove that you're the best around.