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Cryptozoic Announces Release Date For Ghostbusters Board Game

Well, ghosts and such seems like an incredibly appropriate topic for this time of year. Y'know, with the Halloween thing and all. In fact, now that I think about it, I might just watch Ghostbusters on Saturday (along with the Evil Dead movies, just because). And shortly thereafter, I'll be able to play Ghostbusters, as Cryptozoic has announced the release date for their Ghostbusters board game.

game box

If you didn't know, or have forgotten because you're possessed by the spirit of an ancient Sumerian, in the game you play as the titular Ghostbusters, hunting ghosts through the city. The game comes with 10 double-sided game tiles, giving you lots of options for how the board is laid out during play. The game seats 1-4 players, so even if you're the only one haunting your LGS, you can still play. There's also 48 miniatures in the base game box, representing both the Ghostbusters and the ghosts they plan on busting.

Oh, and it'll be available on November 11th.
That's an important bit of information to share.