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Cryptozoic Announces Partnership to Release Train Heist

There's little worse than when you find out that those you entrusted to take care of you are secretly looking to do you over. Well, the corrupt Sheriff and the rich people of Notting County are looking to do just that. They want to steal all of the townsfolk's money. But there's still some shining stars of virtue in the old west, and it's time to rob a train... for the good of the people. That's the story behind Train Heist. Tower Guard Games initially ran a successful Kickstarter for the game. Now they've teamed up with Cryptozoic to expand the game's audience and reach.

In the game, players take on the role of cowboys looking to loot the train and its rich passengers of their ill-gotten goods. They do this by riding their horses up to the train, avoiding the Sheriff, and playing certain poker hands of cards in order to steal certain things. They then must rush back to the towns in order to give the townsfolk the loot, so they can pay off the corrupt sheriff the next time the train stops in town. It's a wild ride as Event cards can throw whole other obstacles in the way of the valiant cowboys. Will they save the townsfolk, or will they get captured and face the hangman's noose?

Expect the game to hit shelves nationwide in early 2017.