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Cryptozoic Announces Ghostbusters II Board Game

Who you gonna call?
Out for pizza. It's lunchtime here.
Oh, and also the Ghostbusters. We should probably call them, too, since Amanda's head is spinning around and the walls are oozing green goo.
While we wait for them to get here, we can talk about Cryptozoic's announcement about a second Ghostbusters board game they're going to be coming out with.

This game picks up where the last ended. There's new allies, new gear (like Slime Blower packs, Ecto Goggles, and Portal Destabilizers), and (of course) new ghosts to busts. There's an new Ghostbusters comic to go along with it, too. Vigo The Carpathian is back and he has Mood Goo with him causing all sorts of havoc on the streets of New York.