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Cryptozoic Announces DC Deck-Building Game Crossover Pack 5: The Rogues

Sometimes it's good to be bad. Sure, most games have you playing as the goody-two-shoes heroes. But that can get old after a while. Well, thankfully, there's occasionally times where you get to play as the villains in a game. Cryptozoic is letting you do just that with the next Crossover Pack for the DC Deck-Building Game. It's called Rogues and it's due out this week.

From the announcement:

Each player chooses a Rogues Super-Villain to play as, then they shuffle in the pack’s 23 new main deck cards into any DC Deck-Building Game base set, instantly adding all-new Equipment, Villain, Hero, Super Power, and Location cards. The pack even comes with eight Super Heroes for the Rogues to battle.

“Teamwork” lets a player play the top card of a foe’s deck, underscoring an alliance the Rogues have formed as they try to eliminate The Flash and his friends. Since Super-Villains are always looking out for their own interests, any player whose deck is used by another player automatically gains one Victory Point (VP). Also, every main deck card in the set immediately grants a player VP tokens when acquired.