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Crush the Rebellion

Fantasy Flight Games has released their Imperial Aces expansion set for X-Wing.


From the release:

The time has come to crush the Rebel Alliance… The Imperial Aces Expansion Pack for X-Wing™ is now available!

Imperial Aces allows you to recruit any of several highly skilled new pilots and send them into battle with two TIE interceptors that feature stunning, variant paint schemes. You’ll also find a dozen upgrades designed to complement the TIE interceptor’s high-risk, high-reward play style, and you’ll gain all the tokens and maneuver dials you need to field the expansion’s two starfighters.

Imperial Aces also introduces a new mission, Cutting the Cord. As the Imperial player attempts to defend a powerful new prototype starfighter from a strike force of Rebellion starfighters, he can activate and harness the astonishing powers of the prototype’s new flight system and weaponry. The result is a desperate race to control some of the galaxy’s most powerful new technology, all conducted amid the heat of battle!