Crusader release ACW supplement for Rank and File

Front_Cover2.jpgCrusader Publishing have released an American Civil War supplement for their Rank and File rules.

From their announcement:
Rank And File is the Horse and Musket period set of rules from Crusader Publishing. Due out this month is the first supplement for Rank and File, ‘The American Civil War’. The RSP for the supplement is £15.00.

The American Civil War supplement for Rank & File includes a historical background to the war as well as game aids that can be used with any rules system. There are optional and period specific rules as well as detailed weapon statistics, command ratings and army organisation.

Almost 1000 leader ratings for both sides of the conflict and army lists that are broken down by theatre and year allow players to design their own scenarios, create balanced forces for pick up games or calculate troop quality and strength for historical battles.

This supplement adds a further level of detail to the command and control aspect of Rank & File with a comprehensive order system that takes account of leader ratings, orders issued, distances and staff quality. Optional army morale rules allow large or small games to be played to a definite conclusion within an evening. This allows players to game larger conflicts with all of the problems and uncertainty of command that was a factor in so many ACW battles.

While much of the material included is of use with any rules system a copy of the Rank & File rules are required to gain the most from this supplement. You can download a small ACW suppplement preview (PDF link).

We are offering a post free world-wide offer on all pre-orders for this book. Offer ends once the book is with us, planned for the 29th of March.

Crusader Miniatures will also be offering some unit deals on their ACW Infantry packs to compliment Rank and File and the new supplement.