Crusader Miniatures release Dark Ages Scots

Crusader Miniatures have released new 28mm Dark Ages Scots.


From their announcement:

The latest releases from Crusader Miniatures are Dark Age Scots. Mark Sims has designed 8 new packs that give you the basis to build any Scottish army from the Dark Ages/ Early Medieval period. Perfect for the army of MacBeth.

The figures will be ready the last week of April, so we have a pre-release deal available for collectors who are looking to buy one each of the packs. We have also put together a discounted 1000pts (WAB) Caladonian Army (Shieldwall supplement) that will be available for a limited period.

The figures are all 28mm sized, made of metal and come unpainted.

Figures cost £8.00 for a pack of 8 figures/ 3 cavalry figures or £4.50 for the foot command and Chieftain packs.

Crusader £ prices will be going up towards the end of April 2010.