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CrowdCrux interviews Alex Lim about Kickstarter campaigns

CrowdCrux recently sat down with Alex Lim, creator of the Martial Arts trading card game, and talked about Kickstarter in the gaming world today.
I know we don't do CCG/TCG stuff here on TGN, but the interview is more about crowdfunding, rather than specifically about the game. So I figured you guys might find it interesting.

From the interview:

Martial Arts: The Trading Card Game is a fast paced card game of action, strategy, skill and speed. It is the brainchild of Alex Lim, who started the campaign after having experienced a variety of badly designed card games that were hard to learn and even more difficult to play.

“It was time to do martial art fans and card game players some kind of justice. ”

Alex had used Kickstarter for a previous fundraising campaign, but terminated the project before the duration was complete. This time, he has seen much better success with still 25 days to go. I sat down with Alex to get some of his insights on crowdfunding and how he approached campaigning on Kickstarter the second time around.