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Crosswell: Junction To Adventure Up On Kickstarter

A GM/DM can almost never have "too many" aids to help them run their game. Let's face it, being in charge of a game takes a lot of work and sometimes it's hard to come up with all the little bits and details for every session. That's where products like Croswell: Junction to Adventure come in. It provides details for a dozen establishments that you can easily drop into any fantasy RPG.

And when I say fantasy RPG, I mean that the locations are made for a fantasy game. However, it wouldn't take much to change them to a sci-fi or post-apocalyptic setting so you can put them there as well. While the book is setting-agnostic, the designers do want to expand on their own setting called Adad: Ancient Land of Lore. This would be the first book and if there's more interest, more such like it to follow.

The campaign is up on Kickstarter now and around 1/2 funded with still 25 days to go.