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Crossover Pack Three Available for DC Comics Deck-Building Game

Cryptozoic has released the 3rd Crossover Pack for the DC Comics Deck-Building Game. Expand your plethora of cards with the Legion of Super-Heroes pack. Though, of course, a hero needs a villain to fight. And a Legion of Super-Heroes needs a Legion of Super-Villains. So those come with the set as well.

Grab heroes like Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, and Cosmic Boy to fight against Time Trapper, Emerald Empress, and the Persuader (plus others). There's new equipment, super powers, and locations as well. It's just about all you need ("just about" because you do need the base game to actually play). This new set also lets you do the time warp (again) with the new Time Travel keyword.

Pick up your copy today.


This is not a standalone product. DC Comics Deck-building Game, Heroes Unite, Forever Evil, or Teen Titans is required to play.