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Crossover Miniatures Opens the Head Shoppe

Crossover Miniatures now offers sprues of their heads available on their own.

From the release:

I have been told by many people that I should be making separate head spru molds and selling the heads separately. I haven't been doing this as it's quite expensive and I'm not sure it will be financially viable. BUT here's the best attempt I can make to try and keep the customers happy. Crossover miniatures has opened it's own Head Shoppe! You won't find any bath salts or paraphernalia, just some cool heads for conversions. Check them out, I hope you find something you like.

All of our figures are Heroic 28mm and the heads are on sale now for $1.50 for four.

I've also hooked up Facebook and Twitter, so if you prefer to get your updates that way, please friend us or follow us. For those up you that prefer email updates, we do those too. Just find the signup on the right hand side of the site and we'll send you an email when there is big news to tell!