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Crossover Miniatures launches Super Hero model Kickstarter

Crossover Miniatures has a new Super Hero Miniatures Kickstarter campaign running. Go check it out.

From the campaign:

Welcome to our project page, I'd love to tell you about what we want to make. Crossover Miniatures plans to produce a load of new 28mm heroes, villains, and minions in white metal to decorate your mantle pieces and table tops.

We plan to produce 5 Heroes/Villains and 12 different minions, each with 3 different head options.

The Minions will be shipped with all three head options ONLY during this Kickstarter. Once it's over, they will only be available with a single head option.

Crossover Miniatures is continuing in it's quest to bring you Intellectual Property free supers and minions. We think it's more fun to create our own characters, and we think you do too!