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Crossover Miniatures June releases posted

Crossover Miniatures has their June releases now posted up on their website.


From the announcement:

The next miniatures to be released to the general public have been added to the store.

Heroes and Villains

We are adding three great new Heroes and Villains to the store.

Robot Animals

These awesome guys don't really fit into any other category so we're just putting them down together. These are some great animals to back up your super powered heroes or villains. Full of character and ready to go!

Paramilitary Goons Continue to Grow!

To round off this months releases, this is a set of 4 Paramilitary Goons with Heavy Weapons to bring the firepower when hunting super powered foes. The four heavy weapons carried are a net gun, a Javelin missile launcher, a flame thrower, and a minigun.

Thanks for your time and I hope you find something you like.