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Crossover Miniatures having a September sale

Crossover Miniatures is having a sale for the month of September.

From the sales sheet:

I've got lots of great sales to tell folks about this month. I've wrapped up the August sale and will be adding 4 new sales and deals.

Last month I ordered some really cool miniatures for my Daughter for her birthday, and paid $8 USD shipping for a $12 USD order, and it came in a box that cost 5.15 to ship. I was a little disappointed, but that how it goes in our little industry.


So to do my part, I'm going to try and make it as easy as possible for folks to try out my miniatures, by offering a $3 USD off shipping deal. That should allow you to pop 1-4 minis in cart (for US residents) and get them shipped to you for free. So if you just want to order one or two minis to see how they feel, go for it, this is a great chance to do it cheaply. Enter 3OFFSHIPPING to get $3 USD off ANY shipping. This is only available once per customer (my wife pointed out that it could be abuse, but I have faith in people so I'm going to try it)


I've put our loyal teen sidekick on sale this month as well. Every hero needs a sidekick, so we're running a special on our ‘The Kid' figure. As long as you purchase another Hero, The Kid is $2 USD off.


I'm going to see how running a monthly DUO works. This month I've packaged Ka-Pow and Super Soldier together for $9.50 USD. Get this pair of figures together and save a few bucks.


I opened this up on our FaceBook page last month, and the remaining offers are now going out to a wider audience. Spend $60 USD or more and get 20% off your entire order! This is only good for the frist 5 people that enter, 60FB20, in the coupon field on the cart page.

So that's it really, there is something there for small orders, big orders, and something for those who want just a little more. None of these offers are available with any other offer. So no big discount and shipping knock off on the same order. Other than that, HAVE FUN SHOPPING!