Crossover Minatures is opening it’s doors … er … website

Crossover Miniatures is now open for business. Check out what they’ve got to offer.

From the announcement:

After our successful Kickstarter campaign, all the backers have received their models and that means it’s time to open the webstore and give everyone a chance to own these fantastic minis.
Each of our Miniatures is sculpted with three different heads so you can choose which one to use. Most of the heads are interchangeable with the other models. You can find out which are compatible when looking at each item in the store. When you order a Hero/Villain, you get all three heads. When you order sets of minions, you get to choose the head you like best.
All of our minis are unique but serve to represent well known archetypes in the Super Hero world. Many minis can also fill roles in modern games, pulp games or spy games.
Take a look around the store and see if there is something you like.
Get ‘em while the molds are fresh!