Crossfire: Bringing deck-building to the Shadowrun Universe

By Polar_Bear
In Card Games
Jan 18th, 2013

Catalyst Game Labs is bringing deck-building to Shadowrun with Crossfire.
I’ve really enjoyed a couple deck-builders out there since I tried them at GenCon last year. It’s something I’ll be looking into.

From the announcement:

I’m the Design Producer for Shadowrun: Crossfire and it’s my pleasure to tell you about this exciting “first ever” for Shadowrun.

Shadowrun: Crossfire is a deck-building game in the style of Dominon or Thunderstone, but it’s also a whole lot more. Shadowrun: Crossfire combines the creative elements of the Shadowrun universe with the feel of adventuring in Shadowrun. You’ll go on runs with your team, engaging in scenarios where your team’s Hacker will be busy manipulating parts of the Matrix, while the Elf Street Samurai is keeping gangers at bay and the Troll Mage is providing support from (and possibly against) the Sixth World.

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  • Grindar

    I’m intrigued, but I worry it may turn into a generic deckbuilder. Wonder if they’re basing on the older fluff or the new?

  • I hear Dominion and my ears instantly turn off. Shadowrun should be a LCG not a deck builder.

    • Deck-building games are much more than just Dominion. Thunderstone, the other game mentioned, is drastically different from it in many ways. So saying that it’s going to be a game like them means it’s just a deck-builder of some sort. Like saying 40k is like Warmachine. Sure, they’re both minis games that use D6s, but they’re not really anything alike.

      Now, I know nothing about the Shadowrun game beyond the release above, but making a judgement just on “it’s like Dominion” is jumping the gun a bit.

  • cybogoblin

    The “first ever” Shadowrun Card Game?

    What about the one from ’97: