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Crooked Dice's 7TV: Set Designer now available

Crooked Dice has released their 7TV Set Designer. Go check it out.

From the release:

Crooked Dice's new accessory pack 'Set Designer' is now available. We're delighted to be able to release Kevin Dallimore's beautiful floor tiles and wall designs seen in many of the pictures in the 7TV rulebooks.

You can now furnish your HQs and lairs with these floorplans - using them as simple floor tiles or testing your arts and crafts to build rooms or complexes for your casts. This PDF only contains over 170 pages of artwork. You'll get 20 different floor designs (with and without a 25mm grid) and 20 sets of 4 walls (five variations of each set).

These are suitable for 7TV, 7ombieTV and any other modern, near future or post-apocalyptic gaming.

The pack comes with build instructions and ideas and the usual inspirational photos from Kev. All for £10.