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Crooked Dice: Temporal Travelers 2 released and January Sale

Crooked Dice is another company running a New Year's Sale. You can get 20% off your order for the month of January. Just enter LOWHUG15 in the coupon code section during checkout.
But also, they've got new releases available as well. Their Temporal Travelers 2 set brings back two members, now armed, along with a couple sidekicks to aid them in their duties.


From the release:

Happy New Year! Four more Temporal Travellers have arrived from across history courtesy of Crooked Dice. Daisy and May return, now armed to the teeth to repel any extraterrestrial invasion or time-travelling threat. Plus we have two classic plucky assistants in kinky boot, ready to investigate your chronal calamities, and ultimately get captured.

And to get your new year off with a bang, we also have a January discount code for 20% off all miniatures, excluding the TT2 and Starter Sets. Simply use the code LOWHUG15 when you checkout.