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Crooked Dice release Beyond the Seven Seas for 7th Voyage

Crooked Dice sets seas for high adventure with the release of their Beyond the Seven Seas expansion for 7th Voyage. Game in the Hollywood-inspired settings of the New World during the age of exploration, or take on Mediterranean pirates, or go and visit Singapore.
... basically, do a lot of stuff like in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
Maybe you can be the reason why all the rum is gone.


From the release:

We're delighted to release a new PDF supplement - Beyond the Seven Seas - for our 7th Voyage rules. This 94 page swashbuckling epic is packed with flashing blades from the age of discovery.

The supplement covers the badly dubbed adventures of pirates, musketeers, samurai, conquistadors and the odd stop-motion monster thrown in for good measure!

Available for £12 from the Crooked Dice Webstore.

7th Voyage is a tabletop miniatures game set in the world of classic stop motion mythic fantasy films of the 60s and 70s. You will need a copy of the 7th Voyage rules in order to use this supplement.