Crooked Dice preview Scary Statues

Crooked Dice have posted a photo of the greens for their upcoming 28mm Scary Statues.

Scary Statues

From their website:

So in an appropriately timey-whimey fashion, we have adjusted the release schedule and can now offer you C1, C2 and C3 – Scary Statues. Amongst catacombs and graveyards lie these carvings. Silent and patient, they watch and wait, ready to animate and pounce on unsuspecting adventurers or lonely travellers.

We love these and hope you will too. They come in two parts – body and (a generic set of) wings and are going off for mastering next week. They will be available for pre-orders in a couple of weeks, with these being available individually and as a three pack. Prices to follow once we have agreed mould arrangements. Release is planned for mid September, but we will confirm as production progresses.

Check out their forum for a larger photo as well as news of some other releases coming soon.