Crooked Dice preview and pre-orders

Crooked Dice have posted a preview of their Casual May Killan figure and are taking pre-orders for their Astronaut set.

Casual May Killan

From their announcement:

It’s getting nippy out there, so we at Crooked Dice Towers thought girl-about-town May Killan needed a proper coat to keep her warm. So, that lovely Andrew Rae has produced this little beauty for us.

We also reckon that she could double as paranormal investigator, Samantha Starling, late of haunted houses and statue infested graveyards.

Provisionally scheduled for an early November release.

Other Crooked News
The Astronauts have gone on sale for pre-order today and should be delivered with the Statues in the next week or so. Many thanks for all your patience waiting for these.

Two Alien Minions are currently (some say finally) being produced and should also be available late November\early December.