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Crooked Dice Present a New 28mm Zombie Skirmish Rules - 7ombieTV

Crooked Dice announce a new Zombie Skirmish game:

From their announcement:

In the 1980s 7TV Studios branched out into cheap US horror movies. Relive their late night zombie apocalypses, pitting disparate survivors against relentless hordes of zombies intent on feasting on living flesh.

69 PDF pages of standalone horror wargame adventure. Contains all the 7TV rules you need to get playing, new setting rules, Stars, Co-Stars, Extras, Guest Stars and 4 nail biting episodes. With 9 new event cards, 27 all new scavenge cards and a superb 'build it yourself' cabin in the woods to print and assemble. Available for £9. The deck of deluxe cards will be available later this week.